Nikkiana (nikkiana) wrote in nh_christian,

What Have You Been Reading?

In attempt to conjure up some conversation, what have you all been reading recently?

My boyfriend and I have been reading A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren, which has proved to be a rather interesting book that's taken a good hard look at lot of the practices we find in different strains of modern day Christianity and talked about what from each tradition has been a good contribution to Christianity and what has not, and how we need to be looking beyond our denominational differences in the future. Definately worth a read.

I'm restarting The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. I bought it a month or two ago and started it and then got busy at school and abandoned it, and considering the struggles I've been having with grace lately, the assistant pastor of my church suggested that I pick it up and start reading it again, so I'm going to restart it. Trying to find someone to read through it with me, but even if I don't find anyone, I'm probably going to post about it on my faith blog: Empty My Hands.

I'm also slowly working my way through the Gospel of John, blogging about it on Empty My Hands along the way. I've been kinda discouraged with it since it's moving so slow.... but I'm trying to hang in there. :)

So... What have you been reading?
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